Testimony for the Transportation Committee of the Connecticut Legislature on House Bill # 6502

CT leg

Monday, February 6, 2017
Hartford, CT

Submitted by
Mike Paine, President
Paine’s Recycling and Rubbish Removal Inc., Simsbury, CT
Chair, CT Chapter National Waste and Recycling Association


Pat Caruso
Associated Refuse, Newtown, CT
Member, CT Chapter NWRA Steering Committee


Steve Changaris, CT Chapter Manager
National Waste and Recycling Association
800 679 6263

House Bill No. 6502 – An Act Amending the Connecticut Move Over Law


Mr. Chairman; members of the committee – good day.

My name is Steve Changaris and I am the CT chapter manager for the National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA). With me today is our chapter’s long time chairman, Mike Paine. Mike is a principal in his family’s 75 year waste and recycling company, Paine’s Inc., based in East Granby, CT. Also with me is Pat Caruso who owns and operates another chapter member company, Associated Refuse in Newtown, CT.

House Bill No. 6502 calls for the CT motor vehicle move over law to be amended to further require motorists to exercise due care when driving near and around trash and recycling trucks. We also want to publicly thank Rep. Bolinsky for introducing this measure.

We strongly encourage the committee to release this measure with “an ought to pass vote” and that the entire legislature and Governor then work further to enact this bill this session. House Bill No. 6502 will create a Slow Down To Get Around (SDTGA) program for CT; a program long overdue to protect our workers. Our workers are the folks — the men and women who work roadside and curbside – all over the state — collecting your recyclables and wastes. House Bill No. 6502 extends to our workers the same kinds of protections provided by the state to public service and other personnel in CT — back in 2009 — when this legislature passed the state’s current move over law.


We have provided above the link to our SDTGA video, along the lines that a picture is worth a thousand words. We encourage you to view it. Currently there are 12 other states that have SDTGA laws that protect the workers of our industry. Regionally, NY enacted a trash and recycling vehicle SDTGA law in 2016 and we have legislation actively pending in MA and NJ now, as well in a half dozen or so other states around the country during this current legislative cycle.

p. 2, H.B. No. 6502
2/6/17 – CTSDTGA

The most recent data of the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that our industry is the 5th most dangerous in which to work. A copy of a chart with that data is included with this testimony. Our SDTGA legislation campaign here in CT, and nationally, is designed to move the needle in a positive direction. One life saved; one debilitating injury avoided is a good thing. Your help and direction here is most gratefully appreciated. Our work in the SDTGA space is endorsed and supported by OSHA; NIOSH; DHHS and by safety officials and risk managers here in CT and around the country. Another attachment is provided showcasing the principles of SDTGA and federal agency support.

Ideally we would like actual SDTGA legislation to move and be enacted during this session of legislature. All of you should now know we are willing to work with any and all members who are interested helping with SDTGA legislation for our industry – and will work hard for its passage during this session.

Thanks for your attention today; and for your support of bringing SDTGA protections to CT for the men and women who work collecting your recyclables and trash.

We look forward to continuing to do our work managing the state’s recyclables and wastes responsibly and to sharing our knowledge, thoughts and views with all committees of the legislature on all waste and recycling issues facing CT citizens, communities and businesses.

The CT chapter of the National Waste and Recycling Association represents the private taxpaying waste and recycling haulers and companies that work in CT every day to responsibly manage the after useful life discards, materials, recyclables and wastes generated by its citizens, communities and businesses. We believe in strong, sustainable environmentally responsible programs that are run with the efficiency and expertise that comes from a competitive and robust private marketplace that provides and innovates these services routinely.

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