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Safety Stand Down

To further our mission to make our industry safer, NWRA hosts three different Safety Stand Downs annually. Each week-long Safety Stand Down campaign focuses on a separate safety topic. NWRA provides participating companies from throughout the industry with valuable resources to distribute and use to train employees on that campaign topic. NWRA also works with other organizations to raise awareness throughout the industry about these safety issues during the campaign.

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Upcoming Events

See our Safety Stand Down toolkit here!

Safety Stand Down on Backing
January 23-27
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This week-long training and awareness effort is focused around reducing accidents, fatalities and injuries related to truck backing incidents which represents a common challenge for the industry. Fatalities caused by backing vehicles continue to be a leading cause of preventable deaths for waste & recycling workers, accounting for nearly 30% of industry worker fatalities in 2015. NHTSA’s extensive research study of 10,092 fatalities of truck crashes involving cars. The study showed that large trucks were at-fault for 87 of 89 backing crash fatalities (98%) involving cars.

Please join NWRA and our partners the week of January 23 – 27, 2017 in creating a Safer, Smarter, Stronger waste & recycling industry. Members of the waste and recycling industry are asked to join in NWRA’s commitment toward significantly improving safety for the waste and recycling industry by taking part in this effort.

Participation in the stand down means that (name of company) has joined with waste and recycling companies across the country to commit to: 

1. Conducting a risk assessment at job sites and review safety policies and procedures for backing.

2. Review company policies, procedures, consider enhancements, and then training employees on any changes.

3. Posting Stand Down materials to the company website, in employee meeting rooms and on social media sites.

4. Using a series of five editions of Safety Monday to share with employees during the event

Register here to pledge to take part in the week-long Stand Down for safety. Participants will receive a toolkit of resources for the Stand Down upon registration.

Please note that if you participates in any of the 2016 Safety Stand Downs, you will automatically be enrolled in this 2017 Stand Down on backing. If you choose not to participate, please email to be removed from the registrants list. 


  • Tuesday 1PM EST -  Follow along with @wasterecycling for a Twitter chat using #StandforSafety
  • Wednesday 3PM EST - Facebook Live event
  • Thursday 2PM EST - National Call-In

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Previous Events

Safety Stand Down on Back to School.

August 22-26, 2016

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August means the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. This time of year, you’ll see more buses and cars on the roadways including parents driving their children to school to teachers and college students heading in to their classes.

Waste and recycling collection workers will be sharing the roadways with these neighbors and will be taking added safety precautions to protect students, teachers and families from harm. Historically, back to school time also means that school zone accidents increase, significantly. NWRA, the Waste and Recycling industry, and our members realize that this increases the chances for collisions, injuries and fatalities. 

Approximately 100 children in the United States are killed every year while walking to or from school and another 25,000 children sustain injuries as a result of school zone accidents. Some kids will be walking, riding their bikes or riding a bus to school for the first time in 2016.

NWRA’s Back to School Safety Stand Down will provide information and guidance material to address driver distractions, benchmarked successful practices and operations planning for waste and recycling collectors to improve safety in school zones and bus stops around them. Often times, kids aren’t as well versed about school zone and bus stop safety and traffic laws as adults are. The fact is many adults aren’t clear either. NWRA’s Stand Down will partner with other safety organizations that communicate to youth groups, pedestrians, employers and drivers of all ages to help promote and communicate a shared commitment to safety on the roadways and around school zones and bus stops to protect the communities we serve.

Our Stand Down on Water. Rest. Shade in May reached nearly 70 percent of the industry. Join our back to school efforts and help to grow that number so that we are all united around safety.

Who: NWRA members, partners, sponsors and community stakeholders

What: 5-day event to promote safety on the roads during back-to-school season

How: Register today for this free opportunity and receive extensive resource materials to help move the needle on back-to-school safety. By joining this network of industry professionals and community leaders, you will contribute toward a safer start to the new academic year.

Why: Because safety begins with you and it’s everyone’s responsibility. Join the Stand Down for free today by clicking here

Safety Stand Down Toolkit on Back to School.

Safety Mondays

  • Monday (Enlgish or Spanish)
  • Tuesday (English or Spanish)
  • Wednesday (English or Spanish)
  • Thursday (English or Spanish)
  • Friday (English or Spanish)

Risk Assessment and Planning

Keeping your family safe

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Water. Rest. Shade.

The purpose of the Water. Rest. Shade. NWRA Safety Stand Down is to raise awareness, prevent, and teach waste and recycling industry workers and employers about the dangers of working in hot weather and provide valuable resources to address these concerns.

In 2014, 2,070 injury and illness cases with lost work days involved exposure to environmental heat. 1,160 cases (56%) occurred in the services providing industries. The Waste and Recycling industry falls into this sector. Waste and recycling workers working in hot weather are at risk. Employers must provide safe working conditions and employees must be made aware of the risk. That is the law.

Thanks to all of the companies who made the Water. Rest. Shade Safety Stand Down a success.  If you would like to share your recap of the stand down please email it to Anothony Hargis

City of Phoenix Public Works Department: NWRA Safety Stand Down Recap

Water. Rest. Shade. Safety Stand Down Toolkit

Safety Stand Down Press Release Template
NWRA Stand Down for Water. Rest. Shade. Check List/Survey

Manager/Supervisor Training

Education Resources 

Safety Mondays:

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Upcoming Safety Stand Down events.

Vehicle Backing: January, 2016

On January 25, 2016, the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) launched a weeklong training and awareness initiative focused around reducing accidents, fatalities and injuries related to truck backing incidents that represents a common challenge for the industry. This effort proved to be a great success with more than 60 percent of the industry pledging to participate. In addition to dozens of NWRA members, NWRA was joined by several regional waste and recycling associations and the municipal waste community who encouraged their members to participate in the Stand Down: California Refuse and Recycling Council, the Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association, the Washington Refuse and Recycling Association, the International Scrap Recycling Institute and the Solid Waste Association of North America.

This Stand Down provided participating companies with the tools, guidance and support necessary to move the needle on backing incidents. A number of participating companies shared meaningful feedback about the impact of the stand down among their employees. The Stand Down helped companies increase their focus on safety training by encouraging employee safety sessions during the week on safe backing; conducting a risk assessment and review of backing policies and procedures; and posting Stand Down information at facilities and on social media sites to make employees aware of this effort. Several participants reported identifying opportunities to update backing camera technology and lighting to improve backing safety for their workers. Daily meetings on sites nationwide provided valuable opportunities for workers to share their concerns, questions and interests in new training and resources.

In addition to active engagement by participating at facilities throughout the country, the Stand Down achieved significant social media attention which yielded an average 200% increase in engagement on Twitter and Facebook. The Stand Down also received extensive coverage in Waste Dive, Waste 360 and several digital outlets.

Check out our Safety Stand Down Toolkit on Backing

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