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Begin With The Bin

Begin with the Bin is a public education resource developed by the National Waste & Recycling Association. The site offers information and resources related to the waste and recycling industries.

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Award Programs

NWRA has a number of different annual award programs for individuals and companies, acknowledging the diversity of our industry. The majority of the awards,with the exception of the Recycling Awards, are presented at the NWRA Awards Breakfast at WasteExpo which will be held in May 2017. We will annouce the winners beforehand on March 27 at 2:00 PM EST. Please like our Facebook page, and you will receive a notification when we tell you the winners live! NWRA will host a reception for all WasteExpo award winners in booth #4447 May 9 from 3:30-5:00 PM.

Recycling Awards

Organizations and partnerships can apply for six different Recycling Awards. The deadline for the 2017 awards is Friday, July 28, 2017. Awards will be presented at NWRA's Executive Leadership Roundtable.

NWRA Awards Breakfast

Driver of the Year

Drivers in nine different categories, based on size and type of company, can be nominated by their peers or companies. View more information.
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Operator of the Year Award

An award for operators working in post-collection including landfills, MRFs and transfer stations. They can be nominated by their peers or companies.


Hall of Fame

Members can apply to join the Hall of Fame, which recognizes leaders in the industry who have made significant contributions. View more information.

Women's Council Scholarships 

Every year the Women's Council gives scholarships to three member/ member's dependents.Find more information orbegin your application.

Member of the Year

The Member of the Year is selected based upon extraordinary service to the mission and goals of the Association and the industry over the last 12 months. The award need not be presented each year, but only when a qualified candidate is nominated by the Suppliers Board of Governors or a Regional Manager. View past recipients.

Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Awards are made to longstanding members of the Association who render service in pursuit of its mission and goals over a period of time, generally spanning a number of years. The award is presented to recognize the highest spirit of volunteerism and involvement, personal integrity, professionalism, and performance in an honorable and ethical manner. Candidates are nominated by the Suppliers Board of Governors or a Regional Manager. View past recipients.

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Chapter Leadership Award 

The Chapter Leadership Award will be presented to members whose contributions to a chapter over the last 12 months, or over a period of time, were particularly meritorious. This award often goes to an individual who is a "go to" person. The award is meant to encourage recipients to remain active in the Association and continue developing leadership skills to serve the association. Candidates are nominated by the Suppliers Board of Governors or a Regional Manager. Until 2015, this award was known as the Special Governor's Board Award. View past recipients.

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National Waste & Recycling Association
1550 Crystal Drive, Suite 804
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T: 800-424-2869 T: 202-244-4700
F: 202-966-4824