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Begin With The Bin

Begin with the Bin is a public education resource developed by the National Waste & Recycling Association. The site offers information and resources related to the waste and recycling industries.

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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame award recognizes leaders in the waste and recycling industry who have distinguished themselves through significant contributions to the industry and their community and have been actively engaged in the business for at least 25 years.

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The 2017 Hall of Fame Awards deadline is January 13, 2017. Click here to apply.

Selection Criteria

Nominees are selected on the basis of five criteria:

  • Recognition within the industry as a founder, pioneer, visionary, or icon;
  • Enduring legacy and impact of contributions to the industry for a minimum of 25 years;
  • Steadfast values such as integrity, respect, courage, mentorship, volunteerism, and inclusiveness;
  • Inspirational leadership at a service provider or supplier, or on issues important to the Association;
  • Active industry engagement and indisputable service as an ambassador of the industry.

Industry Contributions

They have made significant contributions to the industry through:

  • Developing innovations in manufacturing or equipment/product design;
  • Designing and implementing novel methods of marketing or conducting business;
  • Building better employer-employee and community relations;
  • Ensuring safer operations;
  • Developing industry standards;
  • Protecting the environment;
  • Engaging in the legislative and regulatory processes;
  • Contributing to civic and philanthropic activities; and/or
  • Participating in the National Waste & Recycling Association or its predecessors.

Application Deadline

Applications are due December 15, 2016


Inductees into the ranks of the Hall of Fame include former and current presidents, chief operating officers, and senior executives of disposal operations, trade associations, consulting firms, and manufacturing facilities.






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T: 800-424-2869 T: 202-244-4700
F: 202-966-4824