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Begin with the Bin is a public education resource developed by the National Waste & Recycling Association. The site offers information and resources related to the waste and recycling industries.

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FILA Leadership Certification

The FILA Emerging Industry Leader (EIL) credential is created for mid-level managers who aspire to executive roles within the waste and recycling industry.


Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA) provides education, networking and mentoring to emerging industry leaders to prepare them for executive advancement and professional leadership in the waste and recycling industry. FILA provides an opportunity for members to:

  • Improve and learn new business, financial, management and leadership skills;
  • Network and socialize with peers;
  • Tour other members’ facilities to gain operational insights;
  • Be paired with industry leaders in a mentoring program.


Earning the EIL credential provides confirmation that credential holders have skills in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Negotiation
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution

The EIL credential doesn’t follow the traditional route of taking an examination in order to prove proficiency. In order to earn it, candidates will prove proficiency through education and on-the-job experience, by meeting the following criteria:

  • Participation in FILA for at least two consecutive years;
  • In-person attendance at a minimum of four NWRA conferences within a two-year period;
  • Attendance at two out of three FILA-sponsored conferences within a two-year period;
  • Letter of Recommendation as a leader from any NWRA company;
  • Participation in shadowing of current industry executive in order to glean additional leadership skills (minimum of 10 hours);
  • Participation in five industry-related education sessions over two years (These sessions can be online courses, webinars, presenting at a conference, etc.).


You must be a member of FILA to be eligible for this program.


EIL candidates can begin their online application here.

However, candidates won’t be able to submit their applications for approval until all criteria are met and the application fee is paid.

The application is divided into four sections: Member Participation, Mentorship Requirements, Letter of Recommendation, and Education Requirements. Guidelines for completing each part of the application are below:

  1. Member Participation
    1. In this section of the application, Candidate will cite their Company’s name and address, as well as their Company’s Member ID number. (If you don’t know your company’s Member ID number, please contact for this information).
    2. Cite the date Candidate started FILA Membership
    3. Certify Candidate been a FILA member for at least two consecutive years
    4. Enter the Name and Dates of FILA-specific conferences attended
  2. Mentorship Requirements
    1. In order to be a certified leader, each applicant must complete 10 hours of mentorship under an industry leader at a company different from your own. In online application, Candidate will be asked for information on the shadowing experience and a letter of recommendation will be requested from your mentor.
    2. Provide a description of shadowing experience under an industry leader from a company different than your own. Include lessons learned, skills gleaned from the mentorship and nature of the relationship with mentor.
    3. Need help finding a mentor for this purpose? Contact Rebecca Nadora at
    4. Download a sample letter and guidelines for selecting a potential mentor here.
  3. Letter of Recommendation
    Candidates will need to submit a letter of recommendation from Industry Executive you shadowed. Letter should be submitted on Company letterhead and can be uploaded to the online application. Provide the following guidelines to your Mentor for inclusion in the letter:
    1. Date/date range shadowing occurred
    2. Did Candidate spend at least 10 hours with you during this period
    3. What leadership skills did you demonstrate to Candidate
    4. What, if any, tasks did you ask Candidate to perform as part of shadowing
    5. How, if applicable, did Candidate actively engage with you and/or your staff during the mentorship
    6. What qualities does Candidate possess which distinguish him/her as an Emerging Industry Leader?
  4. Education Requirements
    In order to be a certified industry leader, each applicant must have attendedat least five NWRA education sessions in the past 2 years. In the space provided on the application, please list name of event, type of event, date of event, and time spent in session. This may include education sessions at NWRA events, NWRA webinars, and NWRA online training courses.
    Example: Ebola: Challenges with Healthcare Waste Management - Webinar - 10/16/2014 - 1.5 hours
    Looking for events to fulfill the education requirement? Visit the Events page to learn more about upcoming events.


The application fee for the EIL certification is $300 per applicant. This fee is in addition to any fees associated with FILA membership. Certification-related fees are payable once the online application is complete.

Enterprise pricing is available for companies that have 10 or more mid-level executives that it would like to participate in this certification program. For more information on enterprise pricing for this certification, please contact Jacqueline Gosby at


Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Certification staff of NWRA to ensure all criteria have been met. If all outlined criteria have been met by the Candidate, he or she will receive a letter within 30 days of online submission that he or she is a certified Emerging Industry Leader. If criteria has not been met by Candidate, Certification Staff of NWRA will contact the Candidate within 30 days of application receipt to discuss application discrepancies and provide next steps for potential certification.

Successful candidates will be able to use the EIL credential at once in all written and online communication. As well, all successful candidates will receive:

  • A letter congratulating them on their achievement
  • Acknowledgement of the credential earned and the date of their certification

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