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Market Statistics

The Market Statistics Program has been a benefit to Association members since 1994. Participating companies report organizational information, and receive manufacturing and sales data on the industry as well as their company’s relationship to the market and competitors. The goal of the program is to provide a forecast of market trends and an indicator of resource pricing used in the manufacturing industry.


The Market Statistics program is overseen by an organizing committee.

For more information about the program, contact:

Market Statistics Director
T: 202-364-3710
F: 202-966-4818

Program Summary

The program consists three parts.

Manufacturer Sales Data (MSD)--Monthly and Quarterly

Manufacturer Sales Data (MSD), which is collected confidentially and through a web-based portal and only seen by third-party administrator (ITR Economics). The MSD program includes eight reporting categories including: Compactors, Balers, Carts, Tarps, Containers, Mobile Equipment, Technology, and Tipper/Lifters. Based on the reported sales data from program participants, a monthly or quarterly report is distributed that is broken out by five Regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West and Pacific. 

Reports will be issued monthly for Mobile Equipment, Balers, Compactors and Mobile Lifter Tippers and quarterly for Roll-Off Containers, 2 Wheel Carts, Containers, Stationary Loader Lifters and Tarpers. These reports will be provided electronically and include an analysis section for each product category with outlook, rate of change, and data trend charts based off the US Industrial Production Index with key leading indicators.

Reports will also include Market Forecasts with charts, tables and supporting text for seven market trend indicators. Indicators are pre-selected by ITR and NWRA and may be revised.

NWRA Economic Advisor

NWRA Economic Advisor is a monthly, 4-page snapshot on the state of the US and global economy that offers subscribers a quick glance overview of key indicators, overall business health, and immediate actions to take in response to unfolding news events. The report looks at key indicators like Retail Sales, Wholesale Trade, Manufacturing, Interest Rates, Private Sector Jobs, and Capital Goods Orders.

Benefits of Participation

“Strategically, I make a lot of financial decisions based on the statistics program.  Is the market expanding or contracting?  Do I need to hire more people or reduce operations?  Is my sales force not selling or are customers just not buying?  This program is one of the more beneficial programs within NWRA because it assists me in making those strategic decisions and helps me set the direction of the company.” - Chris Weiser, President / CEO, Cram-A-Lot

The NWRA Manufacturer Sales Data program provides participating companies information to form short and long-term business outlooks for products on a national, regional or state level depending on the program, and assists them in evaluating their company performance and market share information.

Participants of the program receive a report of actual sales data by region or state. This information is valuable because it is unique to the waste and recycling industry. The data can only be generated by member participants, and only those companies who participate receive the sales data reports.

Subscription Benefits

The NWRA Economic Advisor is available to all NWRA members and non-members and is a rolling monthly report that includes historical data for the most recent nine quarters. Data in this report serves as a tool for tracking past performance and is a valuable predictor of current market strength. This report also contains market comparison information for companies interested in market trends in the waste equipment manufacturing industry.

ITR Economics is a confidential third-party administrator with a 10 year track record of providing a >94% accuracy rate. The program has provided many association members with valuable information to assess business performance and information that assists in planning and making business decisions for production, marketing, resource allocation and sales.

Confidentiality of the Data

All company data is strictly confidential between the participant and ITR Economics, which is an independent forecaster hired by NWRA to receive data and generate the reports. ITR Economics conceals manufacturer’s data when new participants enter the program or when a market dominator is present in a category. NWRA staff never sees the reports and only gets a summary of aggregate data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my competitors be able to see my data?

No. All company data is strictly confidential between the third-part administrator and third-party agent of the program. ITR Economics collects and compiles sales data and provides secure access to reports.

How can the data from the reports be used to improve my business?

Market and production data is critical to business development and planning. Manufacturer sales data reports are issued monthly and quarterly and serve as a tool to keep track of past performance and overall market health. Participants may assess their company’s position in relation to their overall product lines.

How much does the program cost?

The Manufacturer Sales Data program is a benefit of NW&RA membership and there are no additional fees to participate. Subscription to the NW&RA Economic Advisor and NW&RA Industry Analysis reports are $250 for NW&RA members and $800 for non-members.

If I am a new participant, can I receive past reports?

No. Participants can only receive reports from the time by they join the program going forward. New companies entering the program are required to submit historical data in order to maintain the integrity of the report. The previous four quarters of historical sales data must be submitted by the new participant, or wait until four quarters of data is reported before receiving statistical reports.

New product lines may be added to the program at any time, contingent upon approval by the NW&RA Statistics Committee and the commitment of four companies to participate and submit data.

How do I submit data?

An email reminder is issued to each participant to submit data electronically thru ITR’s Acquisition and Communication Portal. You will also receive an email notification each time a monthly or quarterly report has been issued. For more information you may contact Bret Biggers or contact Jonathan Newell

If I'm not a manufacturer, can I still receive the Manufacturer Sales Data reports?

No. This report is produced and distributed only to NW&RA members that participate. If you are not a manufacturer and not a NW&RA member in good standing, you are not eligible to participate in the Manufacturer Sales Data program; however you are eligible to subscribe to the NW&RA Economic Advisor and Industry Analysis & Forecast Report.

I am concerned about the additional activity being a burden on my staff. How much time does it take to participate?

Participation in the program is not labor intensive. Sales data is usually extracted from reports that most companies already prepare for other internal management reporting purposes and is confidential and streamlined through the ACP.

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