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Research Bulletins

The Association’s comprehensive overviews on variety of topics.



State of Organics Recovery
A paper that outlines the current state of organics. October 2016.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Greening the Fleet: Alternative Fuel Vehicles for the Waste and Recycling Industry
National Waste & Recycling Association bulletin on the industry conversion from diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). October 2013. 

Bioreactor Landfills

Association Bulletin on Bioreactor Landfills
Paper explaining the potential benefits of liquid addition at landfills as a management technique to promote rapid waste decomposition. October 2003. 

Modern Landfills

Association Bulletin on Modern Landfills
Paper that describes the improvements brought to landfilling by modern technology. August 2008. 

Association Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Facts
Paper that answers many frequently asked questions about MSW landfills. October 2011. 

Landfill Gas Renewable Energy Fact Sheet
Paper outlining the benefits of using landfill gas for energy production. October 2013. 

Greenhouse Gas Study

Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2010
April 2012 

Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management

Association Bulletin on Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management
A paper that looks at the different disposal methods and their impact on the waste stream. October 2005. 

Solid Waste Composition

Association Bulletin on Municipal Solid Waste
Document that details what’s in our garbage. August 2012. 



Association Bulletin on Safety
A paper that details factors leading to accidents in the solid waste industry and makes recommendations for preventing them. 

Distracted While Driving: Text Messaging

Association Bulletin on Distracted-Driving
Paper explaining how 20 percent of all crashes resulting in injury were related to distracted-driving. November 2012. 

Union Issues/Organized Labor

Association Bulletin on Union Issues
A paper that examines union issues and describes their impact on solid waste companies. 

Interstate Transport

Interstate Movement of Solid Waste

Association Bulletin on Interstate Movement of Waste
A paper that provides a complete look at interstate data, showing waste is imported and exported into every state but Hawaii. January 2005, [2004 data]. 

Competitive Neutrality

Association Bulletin on Competitive Neutrality
Paper explaining how to ensure that local governments compete on a level playing field with private sector companies in providing solid waste services. March 2001. 

State & Local

Just Compensation and Hauler Displacement

Association Bulletin on Just Compensation and Hauler Displacement
A paper that explains when a local government decides to expand its jurisdiction, often through annexation, and provide solid waste collection and disposal services in place of private sector companies. Those companies can be displaced without any compensation for lost business. November 2012. 


Association Privatization Research Bulletin
This document details the benefits of privatizing solid waste collection and disposal. Updated April 2012. 

Property Values

Association Bulletin on the Impact of Landfills on Neighboring Residential Property Values
While the common assumption is that landfills have a negative impact on property values, academic research has shown that the impact is not easily generalized. 

Value of Residential Trash Collection

Association Bulletin on Value of Solid Waste Services
A paper that describes the great value provided by solid waste service providers.

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