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2013 HOF Inductees
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2013 Inductees


Ellen Harvey 

When Ellen Harvey joined E.L. Harvey & Sons in 1989, she already had a long history of designing and developing corporate educational programs starting with a B.A. degree in Education and a M.A. degree in Education Administration. At E.L. Harvey, she became the Executive Vice President of Public Relations, working with local, regional, and national media to favorably promote her company and the waste management industry. As an NSWMA member, she designed and implemented the “Waste 101 Program” gaining national recognition for building the industry’s image. Ellen received a Special Governor’s Award in 1994 for this program. In 2006, she received a Distinguished Service Award for founding and organizing the EIA Women’s Council, serving for two terms as Chair, and helping to build a place for women in the industry.   

Gary Hater 

A recurring theme in Gary Hater’s career is a unique ability to acquire knowledge from a wide variety of fields, bring that knowledge into the waste industry, and create full-scale applications that protect the environment, are innovative, and make good business sense. He has ten patents ranging from biodegradation systems, treatment methods for contaminated soil, gas collection operations at bioreactors, and unique anaerobic composters. As a Senior Director at Waste Management, he has partnered with university solid waste management researchers and served on a variety of government research and development committees at the state and federal levels. Gary was a critical player in questioning U.S. EPA test methods for determining methane emissions from solid waste facilities.

Art Kazarian 

In the 1940s, at the age of six, Art Kazarian entered the family recycling business rolling over-issue newsprint for sale to flower shops. By the 1960s, he was collecting and selling fiber to paper mills and by the 1980s, he had built wastepaper recycling operations in California, Texas, Hawaii, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Georgia. Art developed the first privately-owned transfer station in Orange County, California in 1982 and later, on a handshake and cocktail napkin, developed a transfer station in Downtown Los Angeles with Waste Management, Inc. He formed a joint venture, Mottra Corp., with Tom Blackman, Jr. in the early 1990s and expanded ownership to waste collection, disposal, and recycling facilities, including organics recycling facilities, C & D diversion operation, electronics recycling business, and medical waste management company.

Bill Wilkerson 

Bill Wilkerson has made significant contributions toward the development of the solid waste industry’s first solar compactor and is a leading expert in the application and calculation of return on investment of compactors and balers. His experience as a high school football coach for 10 years before working for Marathon Equipment Co. provided him with unique sales and management skills. He quickly moved from a Regional Sales Manager to his current position as Vice President of Sales for Marathon Equipment Co. and Bayne Premium Lifters, part of the Environmental Solutions Group. Bill served two terms as Chair of WASTEC from 2007 to 2012 and was named Member of the Year in 2009. He has been instrumental as a participant on WASTEC’s Z245 Subcommittees on Balers, Mobile Equipment, Compactors, and Facilities.

Don Williamson 

Don Williamson started his waste industry career in 1979 helping a friend collect waste on Saturdays while in college. Soon after, he became President of the company building it from 50 customers to more than 40,000 customers and 50 trucks. He has been a leader in the waste industry showing small hauling companies how to survive. As a regular presenter at WasteExpo, he has shared his knowledge. In 1995, when a large national company came to Minnesota and eliminated seven out of eight small companies, Don managed to survive and the large company moved out. In the process, he nearly doubled the size of his company. Don has served on the NSWMA Board of Governor’s since the 1980s, including serving as the Minnesota Chapter Representative and Chair of the Board. At the end of 2012, he stepped down from the EIA Board of Trustees after five years of service.