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2014 HOF Inductees
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2014 Inductees


Izzie Abrams

Izzie Abrams, has held numerous positions in the waste industry since 1972 in both the United States and Canada, including Canadian Waste Services, Dual Removal Systems, and Triwaste Services, which whom was the founder and President of. Izzie has been involved in industry organizations throughout his entire career, including the National Solid Wastes Management Association, Environmental Industries Research and Education Foundation, Detachable Container Association and the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) and served on their organizational Boards. Izzie is also the past chair of the NSWMA Haulers Association and past Chair and Secretary/Treasurer of OWMA. In his “free time,” Izzie has a dedicated record of service to the Beth Tzedec Congregation and Foundation, the United Way of Toronto, United Jewish Appeal, Ben Gurion University and other groups.   

Charles C. Appleby 

Charlie Appleby is one of the founding organizers of Advanced Disposal Services at its inception in 2000 and serves as the company’s chairman and chief executive officer.  As part of the company’s management team, he has grown the business to become the largest privately-held solid waste business in the United States and the 4th largest overall.  Under his leadership, the company grew from a 3-truck operation to operating in 17 states and the Bahamas with 91 collection operations, 42 landfills, 25 recycling facilities and 72 transfer stations. In addition to his waste-industry background, Charlie retired after 31-years of military service, as a Colonel in the Florida Army National Guard, who was selected for promotion to Brigadier General. During this period, he received numerous decorations and achievements, including the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, the Florida Cross, Senior Parachutist, Ranger and Pathfinder awards. At the 2013 NW&RA Executive Roundtable Conference, Charlie was awarded the elite Distinguished Eagle Scott Award by the Boy Scouts of America.


Tom Brown

Tom Brown's 35-year career in the waste and recycling industry began at Waste Management. Steadily rising the ladder at WM, Tom climbed to Regional President of the Western Carolinas and East Tennessee regions before joining IESI in 1997 and supervising its growth into the third largest solid waste company in North America. Tom continued to rise, becoming President and COO of Progressive Waste Solutions before his retirement. Tom also has been a dedicated servant to the industry, chairing the National Solid Wastes Management Association’s Texas Chapter chair for 10 years and served on an advisory committee for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. He was instrumental in preserving free choice for waste industry customers in Dallas, leading the industry’s fight against flow control as head of the Dallas Flow Control Task Force and then in federal court. He earned the NSWMA Special Governor’s Award in 2009 and was recognized as NSWMA’s Member of the Year in 2011 for his leadership relating to the Dallas flow control issue. 

John M. Curotto 

With 31 years in service to the waste industry, John Curotto is now president of The Curotto Can Company in Sonoma, California. As a fourth-generation waste hauler now leading his family business John will tell you it's easy to get sidetracked on neat engineering, or employee engagement—or any of the myriad distractions in business—but that the folks at The Curotto Can are focused on making a product to exceed customers’ expectations. Working alongside his father, John Senior, John was instrumental in developing his company into the nation’s largest single automation collection system, resulting in increased efficiency and worker safety and reduced contamination for a cleaner product. He has been a leader both in service and innovation. John was instrumental in the industry’s adoption of the Automated Front Loader. Additionally, John has offered his service to the National Waste & Recycling Association Future Industry Leaders Alliance, the National Waste and Recycling Supplier Advisory Board, DCA, CRRC and EREF. He has also served in leadership positions with the WASTEC Strategic Planning Committee and the National Waste & Recycling Association Suppliers Advisory Board. 

Joseph Garbarino

Joseph Garbarino has dedicated an incredible 65 years to the waste and recycling industry. Today he is Chairman of the Board and Co-Owner of Marin Sanitary Service in San Rafael, California, but Joseph has wielded a heavy hand in helping shape the face of the modern waste industry. He is credited with developing several technological improvements for refuse trucks and waste facilities, but perhaps most notably, he developed the nation’s first countywide residential curbside recycling program and opened the country’s first curbside Materials Recovery Facility in 1980. Today, MRFs are an indispensible component in managing America’s waste streams. He has also been a leader on the renewable energy front, partnering with the Central Marin Sanitation Agency to use food waste in anaerobic digestion systems to generate electricity and increase landfill waste diversion to 75 percent. Joseph’s service to his community includes serving on the Marin County Waste Management Committee and dedicating space at Marin’s recycling facility to educational efforts, hosting 2,500 schoolchildren and community group members each year. Joseph is a decorated professional, receiving the John P. Moscone Award from the California Refuse Removal Council in 2004, the Governor’s Environmental Economic Leadership award in 2008, and the “Heroes of Marin” innovation award from Pacific Sun in 2012.

Marvin Goldenberg

Marvin Goldenberg was founder, owner, president, and CEO of Trucks and Parts of Tampa. He founded the company in the 1970s but draws his roots in the industry back to the company he started in Indiana in 1950. Marvin’s induction to the Hall of Fame is backed by his foresightedness on two major industry fronts. First, Marvin emphasized “being green” long before “being green” was a thing. He hated the term “junk yard” and was among the first to make an effort to manage waste and contaminants. He was rewarded for these efforts with a National Beautification Award for business, which he received from Lady Bird Johnson in 1966, and he was also recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the state of Florida for an emphasis on safety and the environment. Secondly, but equally importantly, Marvin recognized the value of sustainably managing older vehicle fleets, and he raised the bar on both the refurbishing and marketing of used refuse trucks. It’s not a stretch to say he is the father of the rental waste collection truck industry, and he helped build his company into the industry leader. 

Richard Van Hattem

Richard Van Hattem planted seeds that both grew into successful business ventures and changed the course of the waste industry for the better. He founded the one-truck operation National Scavenger Service in Chicago in 1972, and it became one of the region’s largest independent haulers until its combination with Allied Waste Services in the 1990s. Recognizing the value of recycling, Rich built a Materials Recovery Facility next to a Chicago transfer station, helping better manage the community’s needs and waste stream simultaneously. The merger of NSS and Allied Waste was one of the first instances of vertical integration of landfill, transfer station and collection assets in the company’s history and served as a model for future growth and acquisitions. As Allied Waste grew into the country’s second-largest waste company, Rich held a series of increasingly senior positions, eventually earning the position of Vice President of Governmental Affairs before his retirement in 2006. Rich also was active in the Environmental Industry Associations, serving as a member of the Board of Trustees for nearly 10 years. An active member of the NSWMA Illinois Chapter, he received the NSWMA Distinguished Service Award in 2003 and has served as a mentor to many of the industry leaders, including some current CEOs.