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Begin With The Bin

Begin with the Bin is a public education resource developed by the National Waste & Recycling Association. The site offers information and resources related to the waste and recycling industries.

Visit and learn more at

Member Safety Efforts

Many of our members have safety programs that we all can learn from.

Sam Safety Kids

Advanced Disposal created the Sam Safety Kids Video, an effort to protect children in the communities it serves. The animated video features Sam Safety showing kids how to stay safe when garbage and recycling trucks pass through their neighborhoods and even features a catchy song to help youngsters remember the importance of staying clear from all collection trucks.

To read more about the Sam Safety program -- and to see the collateral associated with the program -- visit the Sam Safety site.

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National Waste & Recycling Association
1550 Crystal Drive, Suite 804
Arlington, VA 22202
T: 800-424-2869 T: 202-244-4700
F: 202-966-4824