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Begin With The Bin

Begin with the Bin is a public education resource developed by the National Waste & Recycling Association. The site offers information and resources related to the waste and recycling industries.

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Healthcare Waste Institute

The mission of the Healthcare Waste Institute (HWI) is to facilitate responsible healthcare waste management from all types of generators; to be the resource network for technical and regulatory assistance; to be respected as a proactive, responsive, and credible organization; and to create high value for members.

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Anne Germain
T: 202-364-3724

Services & Benefits


National Waste & Recycling Association staff help HWI members interact with state and federal regulators and legislators regarding either company-specific or industry-wide advocacy issues, instead of managing such issues alone.

Association staff educate policymakers about key concerns and in-the-field industry operations.


Members get intelligence about important issues to industry.


Members get educational programs that are especially critical to companies that do not have full-time employees who monitor regulations, legislation, new technology, etc.


Members get networking opportunities with the generator community.


There is one company, one vote in HWI decision-making.


"HWI provides insight on the challenges and opportunities facing every provider within the healthcare waste market.  This includes health, safety, and compliance at the point of generation, segregation, collection, transportation, recycling, and  disposal.  As a vendor to the healthcare waste market, we must innovate and align our services in an effort to partner with industry providers and meet these challenges."  
- EnviroTain, LLC

“As a member since 2011, this group has increased my knowledge of industry challenges, along with awareness of and involvement in real and meaningful impacts to regulatory change for the medical waste industry.”
- Golder Associates, Inc., Rachel P. Kirkman, PG

"We joined the Healthcare Waste Institute even before we started our company. We knew that in order to grow our business and stay compliant in the ever changing medical waste industry, we would need an organization with the skills, experience and personnel to network with. Our experience with HWI has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only do we receive up to date regulatory changes, we now have a network of small & large haulers, industry vendors and disposal facilities across the country that are willing to help our company with anything from sales, compliance and logistics. You do not receive this type of business advantage unless you commit to a group with this level of talent."
- Choice MedWaste, Matt Georgov, Vice President

"Since 1988 I have watched HWI grow to be the voice for the medical waste industry in matters of policy, advocacy, and assistance to its members. I'm happy to be a part of that. For 30 years, HWI has been the singular voice for the industry to comment on legislation and improve industry standards. It meets the needs of its members by providing relevant and necessary information on all sorts of topics. Its voice is now respected by policy makers in all branches and levels of government." 
-Spurgin & Associates

“We are a member of HWI because of our ability to achieve many industry advantages, including regulatory guidance and networking with peers. ... As a small business, we view our membership with HWI as a valuable asset.” - Statewide Medical Services

“[Our HWI membership] provides us with a network of knowledgeable and experienced contacts in the industry and an opportunity to stay informed about new opportunities, trends, and regulations to keep us on the cutting edge.” - OnSite Sterilization, LLC

“HWI is a way that the waste industry can stay informed and ahead of these changes, ultimately helping shape these changes in a way that carries out the Institute’s mission and improves the healthcare waste industry.” - Stericycle

"We have been a member of the Healthcare Waste Institute for over ten years. HWI keeps us informed of regulatory changes and works with its members to promote change in legislation governing our industry.  By working with this group of knowledgeable individuals, we are able to network, exchange ideas and affect positive changes within the medical waste industry." - George Weishoff, President, MED-FLEX, Inc.


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