NWRA Multistate Update: Legislative Updates for the Sunbelt Region

NWRA Multistate Update: Legislative Updates for the Sunbelt Region

This NWRA State Update provides legislative updates for Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Texas.


In Alabama, House Bill 335 sponsored by Rep. Alan Baker (R-66) is waiting to be placed on the House calendar for hearing. Under existing law, counties and municipalities that enter into solid waste collection and disposal services contracts must comply with the state’s competitive bidding requirements. Public contracts for services under the competitive bid laws permit a contract term of not greater than three years. This bill would permit public contracts for residential solid waste collection and disposal to have a contract term of not greater than five years.


In Arkansas, Senate Bill 585 sponsored by Sen. David Wallas (R-22) was reported “do pass” on April 13. This bill looks to create an “Electronic Waste Recycling Program and a Collective Recovery Plan.” It has been placed on the House calendar for April 19.


The Colorado General Assembly has passed the halfway point of the 2021 session. April 16 was day 63 of 120.


In Florida, the Senate Rule Committee will begin meeting on Tuesday. The committee will hear several bills that are of interest, including:

Additionally, the following bills have been placed on the House and Senate calendar this week:

North Carolina

In North Carolina, Senate Bill 451 sponsored by Sens. Julia Mayfield (D-49) and Natalie Murdock (D-20) passed its first reading on April 5 and was referred to Committee on Rules and Operations of the Senate. This relates to prohibiting the use of non-recyclable, non-compostable or single-use plastic foodservice ware and single-use plastic bags.


In Oklahoma, Senate Bill 448 sponsored by Sens. Zach Taylor (R-28) and Brad Boles (R-51) was sent to the governor on April 13. This bill relates to an advanced recycling/pyrolysis bill and to the Oklahoma Solid Waste Management Act. It also would add/modify definitions to the Solid Waste Management Act.


In California, NWRA staff are following Senate Bill 54 sponsored by Sens. Ben Allen (D-26), Henry Stern (D-27) and Scott Wiener (D-11). This bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality and is scheduled to be heard on April 26. They are also following Assembly Bill 1371 sponsored by Laura Friedman (D-43). The bill passed from the Committee on Natural Resources on April 14 with a vote of 8 to 3 and was re-referred to the Committee on Judiciary. For more information on these bills in California, see the NWRA State Update article here.


In Louisiana, Senate Bill 97 sponsored by Sen. Eddie Lambert (R-18) relating to advanced recycling facilities was introduced on April 12 and referred to the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality.


In Pennsylvania, both the House and Senate will hold three days of session this week.

The Senate will conclude its Appropriations Committee hearings this week. PennDot, the Department of Health and the budget secretary will all appear before the committee. The Senate Transportation Committee will again consider legislation requiring drivers to remove snow and ice from the top of vehicles prior to driving or face a fine. Senate Bill 114 is Sen. Lisa Boscola’s (D-19) 2021 version of the bill.

Both the House Environmental Resources Committee and the State Government Committee will focus on regulatory reform legislation, including bills providing for private contractor review of Department of Environmental Protection applications (House Bill 139), repealing regulations by resolution rather than legislation (House Bill 950) and creating an additional step in the regulatory process for proposals having an impact of $1 million or more on the regulated community. Gov. Tom Wolf would most likely veto these bills should they make it to his desk.


The Texas legislative committee met on April 13 to review pending legislation. The NWRA Texas chapter has continued to distribute letters in support of various trucking tort reform bills. Specifically, House Bill 19 sponsored by Rep. Jeff Leach (R-67) relating to civil liability of a commercial motor vehicle owner or operator was reported as sent to the calendar on April 9. For more information on other bills the chapter is tracking, see the NWRA State Update article here.