Member Committees

Member Committees

Members of NWRA have the opportunity to be a part of various committees that help move the Association and the industry forward. Our committees cover a wide range of topics that include but are not limited to government affairs, healthcare waste and safety. If you are interested in becoming involved in any of the committees, please contact the listed staff member.

ASC Z245 Committee

The National Waste & Recycling Association is the Secretariat for Accredited Standards Committee ANS Z245 on Equipment Technology and Operations for Wastes and Recyclable Materials. The approved scope of the ANS Z245 Committee’s standards activities encompasses requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, modification, servicing, maintenance and use of equipment, technology and systems used to collect, contain, transport, store, process, recycle, treat and dispose of solid wastes and recyclable materials. It also includes the operations of facilities and activities in which these equipment and technologies are incorporated. This committee meets once a year. The membership of the ANS Z245 Committee consists of organizations, companies, government agencies, individuals, etc., having a direct and material interest in the activities of the committee. 

For more information on the ASC Z245 Committee, contact Kirk Sander at 

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is comprised of members of the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees and other senior level executives with companies that represent both service and supplier members. The committee reviews proposals for the creation and establishment of new awards (i.e., Recycling Awards launched in 2015), and it guides the timeline and judging process for major award programs, including Hall of Fame, Distinguished Service, Member of the Year and Chapter Leadership Awards. The Awards Committee also collaborates with the Safety Committee on evaluation of the Driver of the Year program.

For more information on the Awards Committee, contact Jim Riley at

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee has oversight responsibility for the Association’s brand and higher-level public and media relations, web and social media, member communications and marketing efforts. Its members generally have public relations or marketing responsibilities within their companies. The committee meets almost entirely via conference call and in person at WasteExpo.

For more information on the Communications Committee, contact Brandon Wright at

Education Committee

The WasteExpo Education Committee is comprised of a diverse group of professionals in the waste and recycling industry to act as advisors for the 2021 WasteExpo education program. The committee’s primary function is to guide the planning of the educational program in accordance with the initiatives of the conference, ensuring the content is relevant and responsive to the needs of WasteExpo’s audience. Committee members will play an integral role in the development of session topics, speaker selection and assist in maintaining program objectivity. The WasteExpo Education Committee meets one to two times a month via conference call and is open to NWRA members and select private sector non-members.

For more information on the Education Committee, contact Mallory Szczepanski at

Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA)

The Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA) of the National Waste & Recycling Association is a member-directed association dedicated to promoting the development and advancement of future leaders in the waste and recycling industry through meaningful education, assistance, networking and mentoring.

FILA members receive professional development opportunities in leadership, finance, human resources, operations, safety, public policy and advocacy and business development. Through facility tours and educational sessions, FILA members learn about emerging technologies and trends in the industry. FILA also emphasizes giving back to the industry and other charitable organizations by providing its members volunteer opportunities.

The purposes for which FILA is organized are to: promote the professional advancement of FILA members in leadership and managerial roles in the waste services industry; foster a positive image of young leaders employed by the waste services industry; develop and provide programs to inform, educate and assist FILA members and others on topics such as business, industry and leadership; provide networking opportunities for the professional advancement of FILA members; develop and provide a forum where FILA members can freely meet and openly discuss ideas, issues and problems in full compliance with antitrust and other applicable laws in a confidential manner; and expand the membership base and retain existing members. 

For more information on FILA, contact Kirk Sander at

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee provides guidance and support to the National Waste & Recycling Association for developing positions on federal, state and local legislative and regulatory issues of interest to the waste and recycling industry. The committee, formerly the Government Affairs Task Force, holds monthly virtual meetings concerning federal, state and local legislative and regulatory actions, and helps develop written comments and testimony in response to agency proposals. This committee is open to any employee or representative of any NWRA services or supplier member company.

For more information on the Government Affairs Committee, contact Jim Riley at

Healthcare Waste Institute

The mission of the Healthcare Waste Institute (HWI) is to facilitate responsible healthcare waste management from all types of generators; to be the resource network for technical and regulatory assistance; to be respected as a proactive, responsive and credible organization; and to create high value for members.

For more information on the Healthcare Waste Institute, contact Anne Germain at

Landfill Institute (LFI) Committee

The Landfill Institute (LFI) is a policymaking group within the Association whose members are owners and operators of landfills, consultants, engineers and attorneys providing services to landfills. LFI members are involved in public policy, advocacy and education.

For more information on the Landfill Institute Committee, contact Anne Germain at

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is made up of volunteers and staff from NWRA’s supplier and services members. This group meets quarterly via conference call and frequently via email communication to discuss issues on growing membership, member communications, new programs and special projects that directly impact members. The committee meets in person at WasteExpo and ELRT. Membership on the committee is open to any employee or representative of any NWRA services or supplier member.

For more information on the Membership Committee, contact Mallory Szczepanski at

NWRA Political Action Committee (NWRA PAC)

The National Waste & Recycling Association Political Action Committee (NWRA PAC) is the only PAC solely dedicated to advancing the waste and recycling industry’s priorities with federal candidates—standing up for the industry on a range of issues, expanding congressional awareness of the industry and the significant impacts of congressional actions on waste and recycling businesses. The ultimate goal of NWRA PAC is to help elect a Congress that will create and maintain a favorable business climate for the waste and recycling industry to operate in and grow. This committee is overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of individual services or supplier members of NWRA companies in good standing who are appointed annually by the NWRA Board of Trustees.

For more information on the NWRA PAC, contact Jim Riley at

Recycling Committee

The Recycling Committee was formed in May 2013 at WasteExpo to address common issues facing the industry with respect to recycling collection, processing and marketing. Items of interest to the committee include extended producer responsibility (EPR), municipal requests for proposals (RFP), safety practices at materials recovery facilities (MRF), designs for recycling and the economics of recycling. Membership on the committee is open to any employee or representative of any NWRA services or supplier member.

For more information on the Recycling Committee, contact Anne Germain at

Safety Committee 

The Safety Committee consists of a group of representatives from Association member companies who are active and knowledgeable in safety matters with a goal of raising the level of understanding of industry safety needs and requirements. The mission of the committee is to make a collective effort to conduct the following activities: educate, provide information and promote safe work practices and procedures; collect information and data; and promote safety awareness to the waste and recycling industry and the public, while supporting positive public relations efforts. As necessary, the Committee will establish task forces and ad-hoc subcommittees. The committee and subcommittees meet in person twice a year. 

For more information on the Safety Committee, contact Kirk Sander at

Statistics Committee 

The Statistics Committee strives to meet the data needs of NWRA members. A long-established program, the Manufacturer Sales Data (MSD) program collects NWRA equipment member sales through a confidential web-based portal. The MSD program includes seven equipment reporting categories: Compactors, Balers, Carts, Tarps, Containers, Mobile Equipment and Tipper/Lifters. The committee will continue to work on quarterly reports produced by the Environmental Research & Education Foundation in 2021.

For more information on the Statistics Committee, contact Kirk Sander at

NWRA Women’s Council

The Women’s Council is a group of NWRA member companies and their employees that fosters the professional development of women in the waste and recycling industry. The council strives to empower women with increased business opportunities as well as financial and leadership skills through education, workshops, mentoring and networking. In addition, the council offers scholarships to students in pursuit of a career in the industry. Membership in the Women’s Council is available to any employee or representative of any NWRA member company. The council has a separate dues structure that is based on the number of employees from each company who are designated as members.

For more information on the Women’s Council, contact Katie Raverty-Evans at