Services Board of Governors

Services Board of Governors

Robert Lee, Executive Committee Chair and Board of Trustees Representative (representing Kentucky)
Ecotech Waste Logistics

David Pellitteri, Executive Committee Vice Chair (representing Wisconsin)
Pellitteri Waste Systems

Michael Paine, Executive Committee At-Large (representing Connecticut)
Paine’s, Inc.

T.J. Troiano, Executive Committee At-Large and Board of Trustees Representative (representing Northern New England)
Troiano Waste Services, Inc.

Lisa Disbrow, Executive Committee Immediate Past Chair (representing Missouri)

William Rumpke, Jr., Board of Trustees Representative and Company Designated Representative
Rumpke Waste & Recycling

Michael O’Connor, Board of Trustees Alternate and Board of Governors Representative (representing Arizona)
Rio Grande Waste Services, Inc.

Sal Mastriani, Company Designated Representative
Interstate Waste Services

Paul Ross, Company Designated Representative
American Waste Control, Inc.

Liza Casella, Company Designated Representative
Casella Waste Systems

Selin Hoboy, Company Designated Representative
GFL Environmental

Joshua Connell, Company Designated Representative

Sal Coniglio, Company Designated Representative

Russ Knocke, Company Designated Representative
Republic Services, Inc.

Robert Dick, Company Designated Representative
SCS Engineers

Curtis Bucey, Company Designated Representative
Strategic Materials, Inc.

Thomas Hilbert, Company Designated Representative (also representing Illinois)
Waste Connections, Inc.

John Skoutelas, Company Designated Representative

Bruce Stanas, Company Designated Representative
WIN Waste Innovations

Gentry Shows, Board of Governors Representative (Alabama)
Arrow Disposal Service, Inc.

Bob Peeler, Board of Governors Representative (Carolinas)
WM-Columbia Hauling

Samuel Levin, Board of Governors Representative (Florida)
S2L, Inc.

Steve Edwards, Board of Governors Representative (Georgia)

Brad Eisenhart, Board of Governors Representative (Indiana)

Charlie Sedlock, Board of Governors Representative (Kansas)
Hamm Waste Services

Lisa Kardell, Board of Governors Representative (Maryland)

Ben Harvey, Board of Governors Representative (Massachusetts)
Waste Connections, Inc.

Don Williamson, Board of Governors Representative (Minnesota)
West Central Sanitation

Michael Mastrangelo, Board of Governors Representative (New Jersey)
Interstate Waste Services

Andy Moss, Board of Governors Representative (New York)
Waste Connections, Inc.

Bruce Schmucker, Board of Governors Representative (Ohio)
Ecotech Environmental Services, Inc.

Karl Evans, Board of Governors Representative (Oklahoma)
Republic Services, Inc.

Edward Vogel, Board of Governors Representative (Pennsylvania)
Vogel Disposal Service Inc.

Scott Hutchings, Board of Governors Representative (Rocky Mountain)

Michael Classen, Board of Governors Representative (Tennessee)
Republic Services, Inc.

Alfonso Sifuentes, Board of Governors Representative (Texas)
Integrated Waste Solutions Group

Jennifer Johnson, Board of Governors Representative (Virginia)
LaBella Associates

Kristie Hooper, Board of Governors Alternate (Alabama)
LaBella Associates

Mark Snedecor, Board of Governors Alternate (Arizona)

Shane Walker, Board of Governors Alternate (Carolinas)
Republic Services, Inc.

Bob Hely, Board of Governors Alternate (Florida)
WIN Waste Innovations

Brian Holcomb, Board of Governors Alternate (Illinois)
Republic Services, Inc.

Andy Harris, Board of Governors Alternate (Indiana)
South Side Landfill

Tony Colosimo, Board of Governors Alternate (Iowa)
Trash Collection of Iowa LLC

Greg Wilson, Board of Governors Alternate (Kansas)
Howie’s Trash and Recycling Service

Doug Braumer, Board of Governors Alternate (Kentucky)
Bavarian Waste Services

Michael Ensor, Board of Governors Alternate (Maryland)
Ritchie Land Reclamation, LP

Julie Ketchum, Board of Governors Alternate (Minnesota)

Carey Calabrese, Board of Governors Alternate (Missouri)
GFL Environmental

John Cali, Board of Governors Alternate (New Jersey)
Cali Carting Inc.

Dominick Incantalupo, Board of Governors Alternate (New York)
Chelsea Sanitation Service, Inc.

Chris Jaquet, Board of Governors Alternate (Ohio)
Rumpke Consolidated Companies

Zay Louis, Board of Governors Alternate (Tennessee)
Waste Connections, Inc.

Jeffery Johnson, Board of Governors Alternate (Wisconsin)
Going Garbage and Recycling Inc.

Bob Spurgin, Healthcare Waste Institute Representative
Spurgin & Associates

Elise Paeffgen, Healthcare Waste Institute Alternate
Alston & Bird

Kurt Shaner, P.E., Landfill Institute Representative
Waste Connections, Inc.

Steven Menoff, Landfill Institute Alternate
Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Bill Keegan, Recycling Committee Representative
Dem-Con Companies

Pete Keller, Recycling Committee Alternate
Republic Services, Inc.