Services Board of Governors

Services Board of Governors


Robert Lee, Chair & Board of Trustees Member – EcoTech Environmental Services, Inc. (representing Kentucky)

David Pellitteri, Vice Chair – Pellitteri Waste Systems (representing Wisconsin)

Michael Paine, Executive Committee At-Large – Paine’s, Inc. (representing Connecticut)

T.J. Troiano, Executive Committee At-Large & Board of Trustees Representative – Troiano Waste Services, Inc. (representing Northern New England)

William J. Rumpke, Jr., Board of Trustees Representative – Rumpke Waste & Recycling (company designated representative)

Michael O’Connor, Board of Trustees Alternate – Rio Grande Waste Services, Inc. (representing Arizona)

Lisa Disbrow, Immediate Past Chair – WM (representing Missouri)

Company Designated Representatives

Curtis Bucey – Strategic Materials, Inc.

Liza Casella – Casella Waste Systems

Sal Coniglio – Recology

Joshua Connell – LRS

Robert Dick – SCS Engineers

Thomas Hilbert – Waste Connections, Inc. (also representing Illinois)

Selin Hoboy – GFL Environmental

Keith Kimble – Kimble Recycling & Waste Disposal

Russ Knocke – Republic Services, Inc.

Sal Mastriani – Interstate Waste Services

Brendon Pantano – Coastal Waste & Recycling

Paul Ross – American Waste Control, Inc.

John Skoutelas – WM

Bruce Stanas – WIN Waste Innovations

Chapter Representatives

Alabama: Kristie Hooper – LaBella Associates

Florida: Samuel Levin – S2L, Inc.

Georgia: Steve Edwards – WM

Indiana: Brad Eisenhart – WM

Iowa: Julie Ketchum – WM

Kansas: Charlie Sedlock – Hamm Waste Services

Maryland: Lisa Kardell – WM

Massachusetts: Ben A. Harvey – Waste Connections, Inc.

Minnesota: Don Williamson – West Central Sanitation

New Jersey: Michael Mastrangelo – Interstate Waste Services

New York: Andy Moss – Waste Connections, Inc.

Ohio: Bruce Schmucker – EcoTech Environmental Services, Inc.

Oklahoma: Karl Evans – Republic Services, Inc.

Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association: Edward Vogel – Vogel Disposal Service Inc.

Rocky Mountain: Scott Hutchings – WM

Tennessee: Michael Classen – Republic Services, Inc.

The Carolinas: Shane Walker – Republic Services, Inc.

Texas: Alfonso Sifuentes – Republic Services, Inc.

Virginia Waste Industries Association: Jenny Johnson – LaBella Associates

Committee & Institute Representatives

Healthcare Waste Institute: Bob Spurgin – Spurgin & Associates

Landfill Institute: Kurt Shaner, P.E. – Waste Connections, Inc.

Recycling Committee: Bill Keegan – Dem Con Companies

Chapter Alternates

Alabama: Gentry Shows – Arrow Disposal Service, Inc.

Arizona: Mark Snedecor – WM

Florida: Robert Hely – WIN Waste Innovations

Georgia: Cameron Brigance – Liberty Disposal

Illinois: Brian Holcomb – Republic Services, Inc.

Indiana: Andy Harris – South Side Landfill

Iowa: Tony Colosimo – Trash Collection of Iowa LLC

Kansas: Greg Wilson – Howie’s Trash and Recycling Service

Kentucky: Todd Chamberlain – Republic Services, Inc.

Minnesota: Julie Ketchum – WM

Missouri: Carey Calabrese – GFL Environmental

New Jersey: John Cali – Cali Carting Inc.

New York: Dominick Incantalupo – Chelsea Sanitation Service, Inc.

Ohio: Chris Jaquet – Rumpke Waste & Recycling

Rocky Mountain: Barrett Jensen – Waste Connections, Inc.

Tennessee: Zay Louis – Waste Connections, Inc.

The Carolinas: Bryan Wuester – GFL Environmental

Virginia Waste Industries Association: Dan Ciesla – Republic Services, Inc.

Wisconsin: Jeffery Johnson – Going Garbage and Recycling Inc.

Committee & Institute Alternates

Healthcare Waste Institute: Elise Paeffgen – Alston & Bird

Landfill Institute: Steven Menoff – Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Recycling Committee: Pete Keller – Republic Services, Inc.