Chapters & Regions

The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) regional offices and state chapters advocate on behalf of Association members. Our members do business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. All members are encouraged to participate in their chapter’s events and activities.



The chapters are led by the vice presidents listed below:

Lewis Dubuque, Northeast Region Vice President

Katie Raverty-Evans, Appalachian Region Vice President

Rachel Hering, Sun Belt Region Vice President

Phil Shaffer, Midwest Region Vice President

Brandon Wright, Vice President, Communications & Media Relations, Maryland chapter manager

The Role of Vice President

Firstly, National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) vice presidents are professional trade association executives who advocate for waste and recycling companies. What does this mean?

NWRA vice presidents advocate for waste and recycling companies by:


The Association advocates with clear reasoning and goals. Vice presidents have built solid professional relationships with legislators, elected officials and regulators over the years. We often work with lobbyists who have specific areas of subject expertise and benefit from their knowledge of state house, city hall and government politics. The vice presidents of NWRA bring added value and benefit to advocacy efforts.

We bring the voice of the entire industry—big and small operators, public or private companies, hauler or facility operators and all our partners. At the chapter level, all issues are decided on a one-company, one-vote basis.


Vice presidents inform members on current issues of relevance to our industry. They interact with the press, speaking on behalf of members and the Association on the “hows” and “whys” of our work. Vice presidents also engage regulators, local officials and legislators on industry needs, realities, emerging ideas, the effects of proposed legislation and the effects of inaction on specific industry matters.


Vice presidents watch and listen to how members and others affect change across the industry. They network to become informed and to connect the dots on various issues that affect our work. They also follow developments that have the potential to affect members and the industry. These efforts continue to position us well in tracking developments and responding when necessary.

NWRA approaches issues with sensitivity and sound judgment, including when not to be involved if necessary. This course of action is primarily due to member influence and direction. When NWRA gets involved, we ensure that the industry viewpoint is presented thoughtfully.


Vice presidents are constantly learning from member company executives, owners and operators. Their education on all matters related to the industry is influenced by our partners including government officials and stakeholders (including customers and environmental groups) at the state, local and regional level. The Association embraces opportunities to become more knowledgeable on (re-)emerging issues and trends, especially those that take us in new directions and to new places. The waste industry is constantly evolving with new ideas, direction and technologies. Change is a guaranteed constant. To serve the waste industry the best we can, we keep learning and growing as professionals.

Work with Industry Leaders

Vice presidents work with owners as well as regional, divisional and local managers at our member companies. Everything the vice presidents advocate is under the guidance and direction of our members.


We build and work with a variety of coalitions of members, non-members, other business groups and municipalities to communicate with regulators, bureaucrats and elected officials. This work is fascinating and often fruitful for the industry. It is great to see groups overcoming differences to work together on an issue or in a coalition setting. For vice presidents, these coalitions have fluid dynamics, are constantly changing and pose a professional challenge in meeting shared objectives.

Work with Association Senior Executives

Vice presidents are consistently seeking guidance, input and points of connection, as well as receiving and giving support, counsel and direction from the Association headquarters in Washington, D.C. The professional relationships shared between regional and headquarters staff is mutually beneficial and harnesses the distinct capabilities of both parties to advance the Association’s mission.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking for the best way to put your brand in front of the waste and recycling industry’s decision makers? Sponsor an NWRA event and feel the impact. Click here to view our upcoming events, and click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.