-Mary Keenan
May 4, 2021

NWRA State Update: Highlights from the Pennsylvania Legislative Session 

In Pennsylvania, only the House will hold session this week. Several bills to increase legislative control of the regulatory process will be considered by the full House. Similar bills addressing third-party permitting, special consideration for “economically significant” regulations, creation of regulatory compliance officers, the establishment of an Office of the Repealer, etc., were considered in Senate committee last week. Gov. Tom Wolf remains opposed to both versions of the bills.

This week, the Pennsylvania Department of Protection is expected to release its final form regulation on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). The governor’s movement to join RGGI has encountered significant legislative opposition.

On Wednesday, May 5 the House Transportation Committee will consider House Bill 722 sponsored by Rep. Greg Rothman (R-87). This is a bill amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in size, weight and load, further providing for maximum gross weight of vehicles. This bill would increase the weight limit on electric-powered commercial vehicles from 80,000 pounds to 82,000 pounds.