December 13 Report:

The Carolina Chapter held its fall chapter meeting during the Mid-Atlantic Conference in Hot Springs, Virginia. With over 30 members in attendance, chapter members discussed the organizational business of the legislative committee and the chapter.

South Carolina provided a legislative update that reported HB 4775, Electronics Recycling, and SB 525 Pyrolysis/Gasification Bill was enacted. Bills that were not enacted included Sitting of Solid Waste Facilities and Mining Operations, Coal Ash surcharge, and Civil Offense for Littering.

North Carolina wrapped up their short session with members watching HB 1095 PFAS Pollution and Polluter Liability and HB 1113 Break Free from Plastics and Forever Chemicals. Committee Chair, Phil Carter, spoke on NC Dept. of Environmental Quality Action Strategy for PFAS and how members need to be prepared for additional action in the 2023 NC Legislature long session.

During the meeting, Golf Chair, Norma Yanez, reported the overwhelming success of the golf outing held at Pinehurst Resort. Overall, this was a banner year; largest attendance and the highest revenue ever received. Additionally, Chapter members appreciated the enhanced registration process and the chip payment system, along with the wager online course game. The smoothness and efficiencies were appreciated.

For the 2023 Mid-Atlantic Conference, Chapter leadership has agreed to co-locate with 2023 ELRT at the historical Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC. The Chapter is excited about this opportunity and looks forward to the event.

Finally, the Carolinas chapter will host its next meeting on December 7 at South Wake Landfill in Apex, N.C. During this meeting, the chapter will have a recap of the 2022 Mid-Atlantic Conference and discuss 2023 legislative priorities as well as the annual golf tournament.