December 20 Report:

Connecticut members met this week to prepare for the 2023 legislative session in Hartford which begins on January 4, and end on June 7th.  EPR is the biggest issue for members right now as CT DEEP seems intent again on passing legislation next session.

Connecticut DEEP held another stakeholder meeting this week through their Connecticut Coalition for Sustainable Materials Management (CCSMM).  Just like every other meeting, they brought on guests who claim that EPR will not increase costs and that it will benefit haulers in the state.  That last claim flies in the face of CT DEEP’s own private comments which state that EPR will have a detrimental impact on small haulers in the state.  Connecticut NWRA members were ablet to find that statement through the Freedom of Information case we brought against DEEP.

NWRA will be making a concerted effort to energize the small haulers in Connecticut in the coming months through a massive PR effort in the hopes to engage them in the fight against EPR, and also encourage them to become members.