January 17:

January 3, 2023, marked the beginning of the 2023 regular legislative session of the Kentucky General Assembly. The legislature took up substantive measures during the Part 1 period, which runs from January 3 through January 6. Part 2 will convene on Tuesday, February 7, and continue throughout March until sine die on Thursday, March 30.


Members are closely following HB 12, which would prohibit using a personal communication device or stand-alone electronic device while operating a motor vehicle, which awaits a committee assignment in the House. Please review to determine whether it needs to be amended to clarify that it has no negative impact on members’ driver activities. 


Kentucky’s Chapter Lobbyist has drafted language for the “Disclosure of Proprietary Information” bill. In addition, they intend to secure a sponsor for a bill prohibiting KRS Chapter 109 officials from requesting proprietary information from regulated entities operating within the jurisdiction. 


The Energy & Environment Cabinet has proposed to extend the expiration of the hazardous waste generation fee for an additional eight years. However, a bill still needs to be filed. 


Also, members are monitoring conversations the EEC has about the Create a new section of Subchapter 50 of KRS Chapter 224 to require the Energy and Environment Cabinet to promulgate new administrative regulations to regulate biosolids from wastewater treatment at a publicly owned treatment works in conformity with and no more stringent than federal.