December 13 Report: 

The Kentucky Chapter met in late September for the annual Chapter meeting in Louisville, KY.

Kentucky members had the opportunity to meet with Senator Rand Paul’s Representative, Whitney Meadows, and held a discussion about issues the industry faces and how members can contact Senator Paul’s office for assistance. Ms. Meadow’s presented members with a Congressional Note that recognized NWRA’s 60th Anniversary and Kentucky Chapter’s efforts.

The Chapter’s lobbyist, Rusty Cress, provided a legislative update, regulatory update, and 2023 legislative initiatives. Additionally, members gained insights into the 2022 election and the 2023 governor race.

The election of officers was held with the following results:

Chair – Robert E. Lee, Ecotech Environmental Services

Vice Chair – Doug Bramer, Bavarian Waste Services

Board of Governors – Robert E. Lee, Ecotech Environmental Services

Alternate Board of Governors – Doug Bramer, Bavarian Waste Services

In addition, the Metro Louisville subcommittee has been meeting regularly to develop a proactive plan to provide feedback for the 5-year Solid Waste Plan. Members are preparing to present their position and concerns with the proposed plan at the public hearing on December 5th in Louisville, KY.