January 17:

The Missouri Legislature gaveled in on January 4th at noon. Leaders gave speeches and the rules governing the legislative process for two years were discussed but committees have not been assigned so filed legislation is not moving forward this week. Committees will likely be appointed this week, and some bills may be assigned. Legislative leaders’ priorities have not changed since the election, core republican primary issues and some type of additional tax cuts due to the $6 billion surplus are on the agenda. Reforming the initiative petition process is a key republican issue.

Bills the chapter is monitoring HB 93 safety buffer criteria changing from at least 50 feet from a facility located in a nonresidential area in St. Louis City and at least 300 feet from a facility anywhere else in the state. This bill requires a new transfer station in a county with a charter form of government to provide a buffer zone determined by the Department of Natural Resources that extends at least 1000 feet from the facility located in a residential area. The Department must consider certain types of buildings when establishing the buffer zone. This bill is similar to HB 1645 (2022).

Members are preparing for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Waste Management Program’s request to hold a solid waste forum on February 16, 2023. Chris Nagal, Director of MDNR, asked members about topics for discussion and/or presentation. This meeting will be an in-person meeting with a virtual WebEx option should there be enough topics.