NWRA PAC Corporate Sponsors

NWRA PAC funds are used to help elect the best candidates—representatives and senators who are willing to listen to and consider our industry’s needs and positions.

Under federal law, NWRA PAC contributions to congressional candidates may only come from money raised from personal, partnership, (non-corporate) LLC or company PAC funds; corporate funds are strictly prohibited. Running the NWRA PAC program has its own administrative and operational costs, however, such as credit card processing fees, recognition gifts for our major donors, printing, postage, among other expenses.

Our goal is to conserve NWRA PAC receipts and ensure that 100 percent of them are used to support candidates instead of going toward overhead.

NWRA member companies can help make this happen by contributing corporate funds to the NWRA PAC Administrative Fund to help pay for the PAC’s operating expenses. Supporting the Administrative Fund as an NWRA PAC Corporate Sponsor makes NWRA PAC contributions go further and allows those dollars to be put to their intended use.

NWRA PAC Corporate Sponsors will receive recognition at NWRA meetings and events for their vital backing of the NWRA PAC program. Please consider becoming an NWRA PAC Corporate Sponsor in addition to any personal NWRA PAC contribution that you may have made as permitted by law.

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