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Recycled Materials - NWRA urges Congress and federal regulatory agencies to implement policies that encourage development of the domestic market for recycled materials through federal grants and tax incentives.

Energy Generation - NWRA supports the continued use of landfill produced methane gas as a renewable energy product.

Food Waste - NWRA encourages adoption of “The Food Recovery Act” establishing grants and loans for facilities to install anaerobic digesters that use food or crop waste to produce energy.

Interstate Waste Restrictions - NWRA opposes efforts to place restrictions on the interstate transfer of waste and recyclables.

Privatization of Waste and Recycling Services - NWRA supports the privatization of waste collection services at all levels of government when proposed.


Import / Export of Waste and Recycling Materials - NWRA supports the free movement of waste and recycling material across international borders.

China’s Recyclable Materials Import Standards and Ban - NWRA urges the Chinese government to adopt international recycling standards and requests that they phase their new standards in over five-years.



“Slow Down to Get Around” - NWRA recommends that the federal government enact incentives for states to adopt “Slow Down to Get Around” laws.

Third-Party Distracted Driving - NWRA supports NHTSA efforts to combat distracted driving caused by texting, phone use or alcohol / drugs.

Hours of Service and Electronic Logging Devices - NWRA calls for an industry exemption from the use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). 

Automated Pick-Up - NWRA believes automated pick-up should be encouraged where it is logistically and economically feasible.

Commercial Motor Vehicles - NWRA advocates fixing the CSA’s “crash causation” rating system, increasing congressional oversight of the CSA’s Safety Fitness Determination, and new vehicle / fuel efficiency grants.

Opioids Crisis - NWRA is supportive of continued congressional efforts to crack down on both the supply and demand of opioids.


Surface Transportation Infrastructure - NWRA supports increasing road capacity including a forward-looking view to address future needs.

Water Infrastructure - NWRA supports the creation of port performance standards and metrics as well as modernization and scaling to meet demands.

Railways - The construction of rail spurs to connect landfills and recycling facilities to railways should be incentivized as part of the restructuring of our nation’s infrastructure priorities.

Autonomous Vehicles - NWRA believes that safety must always come first when legislative and regulatory decisions are made regarding autonomous vehicles.



Landfill Methane Emissions Regulations - NWRA opposes the implementation of final New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) regulations.

WOTUS / Clean Water Act - NWRA supports the EPA’s repeal of the Waters of the United States rule and replacing it with a new rule that provides regulatory certainty to business.

Coal Ash - NWRA opposes congressional efforts to increase regulation of coal ash disposal and storage beyond what the EPA has enacted.


Tax Extenders - NWRA supports tax credits for alternative fuels, alternative fuel refueling infrastructure and facilities producing energy from renewable resources.

Tax Corrections Legislation - Congress should create incentives for domestic consumer recyclables market development.

Federal Excise Tax Repeal  - NWRA supports repealing the federal excise tax on the first retail sale of all commercial trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) above 33,000 lbs. 

Tort Reform - NWRA supports tort reform measures that help the civil justice system more equitably balance the interests of parties and diminish abuse of the tort system.


OSHA Reporting Requirements - NWRA supports OSHA’s rule eliminating the requirement to electronically submit injury and illness records and publish them on the OSHA web site.

Regulatory Accountability - NWRA believes that federal agencies’ notice-and-comment rulemaking procedures should be revised and codified.

Improved Federal Permitting Process - NWRA supports the transparent, coordinated, and time-limited review of all federal permits and reducing the statute of limitations on lawsuits.

Sue and Settle - NWRA supports legislation to end the “sue and settle” process that has established a regulation through litigation culture.

Reasonable Opportunity to Comply - NWRA backs amendments to federal statutes extending the timeframe for compliance from the existing 60-day time period to a more reasonable 180-days.


Driver Shortage and Workforce Development - NWRA backs increasing federal support for job training programs at the state and local levels as well as for veterans to address the shortages of commercial vehicle drivers, mechanics, and welders.

Apprenticeships - NWRA supports allowing employers to take a business-related tax credit for hiring an apprentice.

Association Health Plans - NWRA supports the expansion of Association Health Plans (AHPs) to all 501(c)(6) and (c)(3) membership associations.

Immigration - NWRA recognizes the need for sensible immigration reform that allows businesses to address their employment needs.

NLRB Joint Employer Ruling - NWRA supports codifying that companies cannot be held responsible for labor violations committed by their contractors.

Department of Labor Overtime Rules - NWRA supports the Department of Labor’s (DOL) efforts to change current overtime rules.

Department of Labor Persuader Rule - NWRA supports the Department of Labor’s decision to rescind the “persuader rule” pertaining to unionization.