NWRA’s New York Chapter Celebrates Earth Day 2024

NWRA’s New York Chapter Celebrates Earth Day 2024

Arlington, VA – For the 53rd annual Earth Day, the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) is honoring the members of our New York State chapter and the work they do in the waste and recycling industry. These men and women have been working on the frontlines of environmental stewardship every day, helping safeguard public health and the environment.

NWRA’s New York members operate in every New York community, employ more than 24,000 New York residents and are responsible for $6 billion in state revenues. Nationwide, it is estimated that the private sector waste and recycling industry accounts for more than one million jobs and generates nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars in U.S. gross domestic product.

NWRA members:

  • Collect, process and manage waste, recyclables, organics and medical waste
  • Operate and manage landfills in compliance with all federal and state laws
  • Manage and service truck fleets and collection vehicles
  • Design, manufacture, sell and service equipment and supplies
  • Provide engineering and consulting services

Our member companies in New York State have recycled or beneficially reused approximately 401,500 tons of material in 2023. In addition, our members have made approximately $75 million in recycling investments in New York State over that same time frame. This includes enhancing recycling centers with new mechanical sorting equipment, resulting in a more successful recovery rate and lower residue rate, adding optical sorting capabilities and assisting in the creation of a “Zero Waste” room to help a large-scale customer achieve more than 90% waste diversion (diverted from landfill and incineration).

For many years, legislative bodies at the state, county and local levels have promoted various ways to improve recycling in New York State, but very little has been done to create markets for recyclable material. As a result, producers have little incentive to purchase and use recycled materials in their products when virgin material costs less. Strengthening end markets for recycled materials is vital to making recycling rates grow in the state.

That is why the New York chapter of NWRA has been focused on getting minimum recycled content legislation passed in New York State in 2024.

Few industries are so integrated into our lives as the waste and recycling industry. From traveling every road in America at least once a week collecting waste and recyclables to processing it for reuse or safe disposal, NWRA’s New York member companies continue working hard to protect the environment and public health. For them, every day is Earth Day.


The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) represents the private sector waste and recycling services industry. Association members conduct business in all 50 states and include companies that manage waste, recycling and medical waste, equipment manufacturers and distributors and a variety of other service providers. For more information about NWRA, please visit www.wasterecycling.org.

Brandon Wright
National Waste & Recycling Association