Lithium-ion Fires Are Everywhere: An In-Depth Report on Waste & Recycling Facility Fires in the US/CAN

Waste and recycling operators are the unfortunate victims of the ongoing onslaught of lithium-ion batteries in our waste and recycling streams. These newer fire hazards along with traditional fire hazards cost the industry operators, insurance companies and fire professionals an estimated $2.5 billion dollars in 2022 alone. Even with all that has been learned and implemented since 2015, the industry experienced more reported waste and recycling facility fires in 2022, the highest year for fire incidents since 2016. To help companies in the industry better understand these risks and be prepared for a potential fire event, Ryan Fogelman, JD/MBA, vice president of fire protection for Fire Rover, will share findings from his “6th Annual Reported Waste & Recycling Facility Fires US/CAN” report publishing in March as well as the evolving solutions to this continuing problem in our industry.

Listen to the recording of a webinar.