17 March 2021

Revisiting The Lockdown: New Strategies Your Business Should Take To Get Workers Vaccinated & Tackle New COVID Laws

It has been a year after the Coronavirus lockdown. Vaccines are here, and things are finally starting to return to “normal!” Yet, new COVID laws and getting vaccines to workers make pre-COVID business operations seem like a thing of the past. We will hear from the National Waste & Recycling Association’s (NWRA) workplace safety gurus: Adele L. Abrams, Esq., CMSP, firm president of the Law Office of Adele L. Abrams P.C.; Kirk Sander, chief of staff and vice president of safety and standards for NWRA; and Jim Riley, chief counsel and senior vice president of government affairs for NWRA. They will provide crucial information on how we can start getting our businesses back to normal.

Listen to a recording of the webinar here.

Read a recap of the webinar here.