Safety is Personal: A Conversation with Colin Duncan and Kirk Sander

There is an inherent risk to the interactions between your people and energized assets. Consistency, commitment and diligence are essential to driving optimal performance. However, safety culture starts with leadership. When building and maintaining a strong safety culture, it’s important to never push from the top down but rather create an environment in which feedback flows freely.

In this webinar, SEAM Group CEO Colin Duncan joins National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) Chief of Staff and Vice President of Safety and Standards Kirk Sander to discuss the employers’ responsibility to create a safer, more reliable work environment. The goal is to educate and converse on how to discover and resolve safety issues present in your environment and evaluate electrical assets’ condition and performance over time, as well as to maintain positive long-term results and communicate the importance of safety to employees through various types of training and inspections.

SEAM Group is a global, energized asset optimization leader focused on optimizing asset safety, maintenance and reliability for more than 500 active clients operating in multiple industries and markets worldwide.

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