14 April 2021

Tame The Li-ion: An In-Depth Report on Waste & Recycling Facility Fires in the US/CAN

The waste and recycling industry faces a number of challenges on a daily basis, one of which being the ongoing threat of fires. These fires can spark from hazards such as pressurized tanks, chemicals, hot work activities, fertilizers, cigarette butts, and, an emerging culprit, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. They can also pose further risks to companies’ employees and facilities if they aren’t detected and managed early. To help companies in the industry better understand these risks and be prepared for a potential fire event, Ryan Fogelman, JD/MBA, vice president of strategic partnerships for Fire Rover, will share findings from his “4th Annual Reported Waste & Recycling Facility Fires US/CAN” report as well as some solutions to this growing problem in our industry.

Listen to a recording to the webinar here.

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