August 26: NWRA publicly released mid-year lobbying disclosure and PAC contribution reports

August 25: NWRA Asked Cities And Counties to encourage worker vaccinations

August 24: In partnership with the NWRA Women’s Council, the Detachable Container Association announced the launch of the Mickey & Ellen Flood Scholarship

August 12: NWRA mandated the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of employment and encouraged the industry to do the same

August 10: NWRA’s Priorities Included in Infrastructure Bill Passed by Senate

August 10: NWRA Issued a Policy Position on Extended Producer Responsibility

August 10: NWRA opposed H.R. 2467, the PFAS Action Act of 2021

August 9: NWRA received a clean 2020 financial audit and publicly released the report

August 9: Anne Germain selected as subject matter expert for waste worker health study

August 8: NWRA started its transparency project

August 5: NWRA secured a meeting with Consumer Product Safety Commission to discuss distracted driving

August 5: NWRA supported the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

August 5: NWRA supported the DRIVE-Safe Act

July 28: NWRA Women’s Council Releases Children’s Book about Waste and Recycling Industry

July 19: NWRA Supported New York City’s Plan to Improve Safety in Waste Industry

July 8: NWRA signed a Memorandum-of-Understanding with EREF

July 8: NWRA Board of Trustees Made a Major Financial Commitment to a Partnership with the National Safety Council

June 28: Report from the President & CEO at the Board of Trustees meeting

June 24: NWRA Announced 2021 Drivers and Operator of the Year